Estate Coin & Jewelry Galleria located at 1650 Main Street in Sarasota, FL is a unique shop. You will find a variety of coins, paper money, diamonds, and an exceptional assortment of estate and vintage jewelry. Our physical storefront is open to the public Monday-Friday 10AM-5PM. Estate Coin & Jewelry Galleria moved from an office space in the Sarasota City Center Building on Main Street to its current location in January of 2013. However, this is not the beginning of our experience in the coin, stamp, currency and jewelry industry.

With the combined experience of over 90 years in the numismatic industry our in-house associates are able to provide you with the best price and advice possible. Please contact us for any questions about buying or selling any items you have. We will gladly make a no charge offer for any items we are interested in . Full written appraisals for insurance and other needs are also available for coins and paper money. Please contact Estate Coin & Jewelry Galleria for more details at 941-952-0100 or stop by our storefront.

Jerica's first entry into the collectibles business started in 2005 where she began selling coins, stamps, currency and other miscellaneous collectibles on eBay. This experience eventually led her to a job at NGC, one of the leading and most well-respected third party grading companies in the coin industry. She worked as the Registry Set Coordinator for both US and world coins while at NGC. After leaving NGC in January 2012, Jerica started attending numerous high-profile coin, currency and jewelry shows both in the US and overseas as a dealer. This eventually led her into estate and vintage jewelry. She now focuses on one-of-a-kind estate jewelry, vintage jewelry and diamonds.
She has also obtained her GIA Diamond Certificate. Jerica has even pursued her own sterling silver jewelry line-Jessa J. Jewelry. Please visit our other site that showcases more of our vintage and high-end jewelry at You can view her Jessa J. Jewelry Sterling Silver line at

Glen Jorde and Rick Stelzer have since joined Estate Coin & Jewelry Galleria as associates while they continue to attend almost every major trade show in the US and overseas. Estate Coin & Jewelry Galleria is very pleased to have Glen and Rick as their combined experience and knowledge in the collectibles field is outstanding!

Glen opened Lake Region Coin & Currency in Devils Lake, ND in 1976 and continues to run it today. Rick opened his first shop in 1979 in Sioux Falls, SD eventually selling it in 2005 upon moving to Florida.

In 2005 both Glen and Rick moved to Sarasota, Florida to start what is now PMG (Paper Money Guaranty) a sister company of NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) both which are part of the CCG (Certified Collectibles Group). Glen served as President of PMG as well as being a grading finalizer along with Rick until 2011 when both left.

While at PMG they were able to grade and handle many of the highest quality and rarest US and foreign currency known, with several individual pieces being worth over a million dollars. The highlight of their time at PMG was flying out to the ANA (American Numismatic Association) office to inspect the Aubrey Bebee Collection of US Currency valued at over 30 million dollars and eventually grading it for the ANA. The ANA regularly displays parts of the collection now in PMG holders at ANA shows around the US each year as well as in the museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Over the past 40 years Glen and Rick have attended over 1,500 coin and currency shows. The list includes every major US show, countless other smaller shows, as well as shows in Europe and Asia. Glen and Rick both have not only handled coins and currency but have over the years bough and sold stamps, postcards, tokens and small misc. collectibles too numerous to list fully. The Inverted Jenny C3a US Airmail stamp position #7 currently valued in the $300,00 range and a 1870 CC $20 US Gold coin in AU valued in the $35,000 range are just two of the many high-profile items they are proud to have personally handled in the past. Glen also served as President of Professional Currency Dealers Associate, a board member of the Central States Numismatic Association. Both Rick & Glen are current members of PCDA, ANA, CSNS, and IBNS (International Bank Note Society) as well as several other local coin clubs.

No matter how large or small your collection we can give you professional advice when it comes to buying, selling, appraising or simply just have questions about a variety of collectibles.

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