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At Estate Coin & Jewelry Galleria we are trained professionals that will take measures to ensure you feel comfortable in knowing how the process works. We are located in the heart of Downtown, Sarasota. We do our best to make sure that you know you are receiving a fair price for your unwanted used jewelry when you sell it.

To take you through the process, carefully read the following measures we take. We first look for your jewelry’s purity. We do this by looking for markings that determine the karat of how pure your gold is. We then check each piece with our gold tester, which is a simple pen connected to a machine that test and detects the karat of the gold as well. We evaluate if your pieces can be resold and we weigh your jewelry. Finally, we get up to the minute pricing to help ensure you get the full value for your gold at the time you are selling.

Selling your used and unwanted jewelry should always be a smooth and easy process. To help assure that you are getting the best price for your jewelry it is always advised that you deal with an experienced professional that has a permanent location. Also choose a professional that can provide you their credentials and trade experiences. Never be afraid to ask those appraising your items to provide to you their qualifications and trade experiences.

When selling your jewelry it is best to go to an establishment that also sells jewelry so you have the opportunity to get more than just the melt value of your jewelry. Establishments that buy and sell jewelry are more than likely to offer you a premium over melt for your jewelry because they can resell it in their store.

We have in-house experts that are GIA-certified and are thoroughly educated in offering you the best value for your collection. We exam several different factors when determining the value of your jewelry. We will walk you through and give you a thorough explanation of the process for determining the value of your jewelry.

For further questions please feel free to contact us directly during normal business hours at 941-952-0100. We are here M-F 10AM-5PM.